YES is the Stockton Police Department’s youth engagement strategy designed to further developing trust and relationships with our youth and young adults.

YES Youth Engagement Strategy Program

YES will partner with community youth programs and youth groups that serve Stockton youth, ages 14-18, coordinated and fueled by community volunteers. YES creates engagement and interaction opportunities with the Stockton Police Department while providing education, leadership, and community service opportunities. There are five key components to the program that can be joined, in whole or in part, by the participating organizations and groups. 

Law and Your Community:

The Law & Your Community is a nationally recognized hands-on interactive training program presented by the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (N.O.B.L.E.). The Law and Your Community is for young people ages 13-18 designed to improve their communications with law enforcement officers and their understanding of federal, state, and local laws. Components of the program include: Citizenship, Law Literacy, and Law Enforcement Engagement.

Courageous Conversations:

Courageous Conversations are opportunities for participants to have open and honest discussions with law enforcement about various issues and concerns. They are opportunities to exchange information, ideas, and perspectives to help develop relationships built on mutual trust and respect. Courageous Conversations will occur in many forms, from virtual town hall meetings to smaller intimate group discussions.

Youth Advisory Board

The Chief’s Youth Advisory Board will be an assembly of ambassadors from around the city who will meet regularly with the Chief and serve as the voice of Stockton’s Youth regarding issues that impact youth and police interactions. These ambassadors will be 11th _ and 12th grade students, selected from those participating groups and will reflect the diversity of the Stockton community. The Youth Advisory Board will also develop leadership and organizational skills as they develop and host the annual Youth Unity Summit.

Youth Engagement Opportunities

Youth Engagement Opportunities will allow participants to work alongside law enforcement volunteers on community service projects within Stockton. While connecting together, they will contribute to the wider community while discovering the many benefits of volunteer efforts.

Youth Unity Summit

The Youth Unity Summit will be a two-day event that will celebrate the culmination of the year’s contributions and achievements and offer break-out learning sessions. It will also include an opportunity for our partnering organizations and other community service providers to share more information about themselves. Law enforcement agencies from our area will also showcase some of the resources used to provide the various services to our communities.

If you are Interested

Interested youth groups or organizations that serve teens, ages 14-18, interested in YES may apply by submitting the Youth Engagement Strategy Interest form

For more information you may email the YES Program Manager, Lieutenant Kenny Pham, at