What is a Business Watch? 

A Business Watch establishes communication links among various businesses within a specific geographic area such as a plaza, mall, complex, or city block.  

Each business works with the others to keep the Police Department informed of any activity that could be considered criminal in nature.  Keeping Police informed of frequent day-to-day concerns helps our Patrol Officers and Strategic Community Officers work effectively with you.

How do I start a Business Watch?

Step 1: Talk to the surrounding businesses in your area to gauge interest. 

Step 2: Contact one of our Community Service Officer's schedule an on-site visit. 

Step 3: Schedule and invite your neighboring businesses to attend an introduction meeting.


Photo of Community Service Officer Phillip Andeola


CSO Phillip Andeola

Phone: 209-937-5408

Email: Phillip.Andeola@stocktonca.gov