Code Enforcement Information

The City of Stockton Police Department - Neighborhood Services Section is responsible for Code Enforcement.

Residential Rental Inspection Program

This program helps create a healthy, safe, and crime-free environment to preserve the quality of life in residential rental units within the City.


If you reside in the city limits and have an alarm system, it is important that you have an alarm permit.

A home without an alarm is six times more likely to be burglarized as a home with a burglar alarm. At the same time, false alarms can become a nuisance. Often, emergency calls are placed on hold while officers respond to false alarms. The Police Department responds to approximately 1,300 alarms per month; 98 out of 100 of these alarms are false.

Code Enforcement Resourses


These informational materials will assist you with the most common Code Enforcement related topics and resources available.