Chief Stanley McFadden

Chief Stanley McFadden was appointed as the 50th Stockton Police Chief on June 2, 2022.  He has been in law enforcement for nearly three decades with the San Jose Police Department.

Chief McFadden joined the San Jose Police Department in 1993. As an Officer, he held assignments in the Field Training Program, Violent Crimes Enforcement Team, Gang Investigations Unit, Child/Elder Abuse Unit, and the Homicide/Crime Scene Unit. He was promoted to the rank of Sergeant in 2015, where he returned to the Homicide/Crime Scene Unit as a supervisor.  He was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in 2017 and later appointed as the Commander of the Bureau of Administration's Training Division, where he became the Academy Director, equipped officers with Naloxone in the field to prevent drug overdoses, collaborated with the San Jose Fire Department to establish the Department's Rescue Task Force response to mass casualty incidences, and weaved PERF's Integrating Communications and Tactics (ICAT) de-escalation curriculum into the Department's Use of Force curriculum. ICAT enhances officer safety and public safety by providing officers with more skills for handling individuals suffering from mental or behavioral crises. He was then appointed as the Commander of the Internal Affairs Unit, where he managed all conduct and department-initiated complaints made against officers. He also onboarded the Department's first Early Warning System pilot program. He was promoted to Central Division Captain in 2021. His priorities were to create community partnerships, mentor officers to create diversity in assignments, and foster inclusivity among the ranks.  He was promoted from Captain to Deputy Chief of Police in 2021, and managed the Department's largest bureau, the Bureau of Field Operations, overseeing over 800 sworn and more than 150 civilians with an approximately $273 million annual operating budget. He is tasked with leading the Field Training Officer Program (FTO), MERGE (SWAT), Tactical Negotiation Unit, METRO Unit, Street Crimes Unit, Violent Crimes Enforcement Team (VECT), Canine Unit, Bomb Unit, Traffic Enforcement Unit, Airport Division, Air Support Unit, Crime Prevention Unit, School Liaison, and Community Service Officers. His team most recently created the Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT) and Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT).

Chief McFadden wants to bring transformative change to the Stockton Police Department, create a safe environment for all residents, and establish trust between those who serve the city and those who are the city. He has a proven track record of leading and managing in challenging environments.

His mission is to focus on Organizational Wellness and become the newest community team member in partnership with all communities, to build, sustain and foster new relationships founded on trust and mutual respect while reducing violent crime and improving the quality of life for everyone.