Administrative Services Division

Captain Tom Jernigan

Captain Tom Jernigan is the commander of the Administrative Services Division.
Photo of Captain Tom Jernigan
Captain Jernigan joined the Stockton Police Department in 1990 where he served as a Patrol Officer, Community Police Officer, Bicycle Patrol Officer, Field Training Officer, and Detective in the Child Abuse/Sexual Assault Unit.  In 2000, he promoted to Sergeant and served as a Patrol Sergeant, Action Team Liaison to the City Manager, and School Resource Officer Supervisor.  In 2004, he promoted to Lieutenant and served as a Watch Commander, District Commander, Administrative Services Division Commander, and Crisis Negotiations Team Commander. He promoted to Captain     in 2012, and has commanded the Investigations Division and Field Operations Division, and took command of the Administrative Services Division in January 2016. The Administrative Services Division consists of the Personnel Section, the Training Section, and Animal Services.



Investigations Division

Captain Antonio Sajor, Jr.

Photo of Captain Antonio Sajor

The Investigations Division and its detectives and support staff are commanded by Captain Antonio Sajor, Jr. Captain Sajor joined the Stockton Police Department in 1997.  He served as a Patrol Officer, Community Police Officer contract-serviced to the Housing Authority of the County of San Joaquin, and as a Narcotics Officer. In 2007 Sajor promoted to Sergeant where he worked in the Field Operations Division.  He promoted to Lieutenant in 2011 and served as a Watch Commander, Strategic Operations Commander, manager of the Police Chief's Community Advisory Board, and as the Crisis Negotiations Team Program Manager.  Sajor promoted to Captain in August 2014 and in January 2015 he took command of the Technical Services Division.  Captain Sajor holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminology from California State University, Fresno, and a Master's Degree in Security Studies (Homeland Security) from the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, CA.



Field Operations Division

Captain Ivan Rose

The Field Operations Division is commanded by Captain Ivan Rose. Captain Rose was hired by the Stockton Police Department as a Police Officer on March 16, 1995. He promoted to the rank of Sergeant on July 18, 2003, and served as a Patrol Supervisor, Personnel and Training Supervisor, and as an Administrative Sergeant.  He promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on August 25, 2011, where he served as Commander of SWAT, Strategic Operations Section, Gang Street Enforcement Team, and the Ceasefire Program.  He has earned his Intermediate, Advanced, Supervisory, and Management POST certificates.  On June 18, 2018, he promoted to the rank of Captain and assumed Command of the Field Operations Division. The Field Operations Division includes Watch Commanders and Patrol Personnel.



Technical Services Division

Captain Michael Reynosa
Photo of Captain Michael Reynosa

The Technical Services Division is commanded by Captain Mike Reynosa. Captain Reynosa joined the Stockton Police Department in 1992. He served as a Patrol Officer, K-9 Officer, School Resource Officer, and Field Training Officer. Mike promoted to Sergeant in 2001 and served as a Patrol Sergeant, Field Training Officer Sergeant,  Crisis Negotiations Team Sergeant, IMPACT Team Sergeant, and Gang Street Enforcement Team Sergeant.  In 2011, he promoted to Police Lieutenant and served as the Watch Commander, on the Community Response Team, in the Administrative Services Division – Training Unit, as Field Training Program Manager, and as the EVOC Program Manager.  Captain Reynosa is a graduate of the Supervisory Leadership Institute.




Special Operations Division

Captain Kathryn Nance 

The Special Operations Division is commanded by Captain Kathryn Nance, who joined the Stockton Police Department in 1996. She served as a Patrol Officer and Field Training Officer. She was also assigned to the Robbery/ Homicide Unit, Gang Violence Suppression Unit and Crisis Negotiations Team. 

Captain Nance was promoted to Sergeant on August 26, 2011 and worked in the Gang Street Enforcement Team, Community Response Team, Community Corrections Partnership Task Force and the AB109 Task Force.

Captain Nance was promoted to Police Lieutenant on December 3, 2016 where she was assigned to Field Operations and the Special Investigations Unit. She was also the Program Manager over METRO Narcotics, the Community Corrections Partnership Task Force, the FBI Task Force, the Multi-Agency Gang Task Force, Critical Incident Investigations, and the Parole and Corrections Team (PACT). 

The Special Operations Division consists of Strategic Operations, Neighborhood Services, and the Traffic and Special Events Section.