The Stockton Police Department cannot emphasize enough, the importance of frequent social interaction between neighbors. Equally important to know are the names and faces of those policing your community.   Neighborhood Watch Groups were developed to encourage citizen involvement and deter crime by early detection.


Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group

Step 1:

Talk to your neighbors about the need for such a group, based on personal knowledge of crime or suspicious activity in your area.

Step 2:

Discuss the best time, day of the week, and the ideal location for your neighbors to meet.  Meetings are typically scheduled Monday through Thursday evenings, generally beginning at 6:30 pm.   The meeting can be held at the home of a member or somewhere outside your neighborhood such as a library, church, community hall, or park. 

Step 3:

Reach out to the Community Service Officer assigned to your Policing District to discuss a date and time to schedule your first meeting.  Please be sure to allow at least two weeks notice for us to make arrangements to attend your meeting.


Step 4:


Invite your neighbors to the first meeting.  



Where is your Policing District? Click here to review the Policing District Map.



Seaport, Valley Oak and
Bear Creek Districts
 Park, Civic and Lakeview Districts
 CSO Debbie Lopez  
 Phone: 209-937-8796  Phone: 209-937-7258