The Central Valley faces a threat from methamphetamine, methamphetamine "conversion labs" and the significant increase of butane "honey oil" labs. The Stockton Police Department and other local law enforcement agencies participate in the San Joaquin County Metro Narcotics Task Force and the Central Valley California High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) program, as part of the National Drug Control Policy. 

Honey Oil Labs 

"Honey oil" labs have been popping up with increasing frequency, and the danger is very real. There have been several butane honey oil lab explosions within the county so far this year. Honey oil is a very potent form of marijuana and derives its name, "honey," from its appearance and texture. Large amounts of butane are mixed with marijuana to produce this potent drug. Butane fluids, as well as the gas it produces, are extremely flammable. When these gasses reach a light source, the reaction is very violent.

There is a significant danger to those who are making the drug as well as innocent bystanders. Be aware of these indicators and report labs to law enforcement.

Indicators of Honey Oil Labs

  • Marijuana
  • Butane
  • E-Cigarettes or Vapor Pens (preferred method of ingestion) 

Methamphetamine Labs 

Much of the reduction in the seizure of meth labs can be attributed to the increased regulation of the products used to produce meth ephedrine or pseudoephedrine. Conversion methamphetamine labs are the latest trend for drug trafficking organizations and drug cartels.

Most methamphetamine is manufactured in Mexico and dissolved into liquid form. Dissolved methamphetamine is placed into containers such as tequila bottles, water thermoses, and ice tea containers and transported over the border where it is converted into methamphetamine ice. The methamphetamine is distributed throughout California and other states for sales.

These conversion labs are extremely dangerous because flammable chemicals are used in the conversion process. The methamphetamine threat continues in this area due to the readily available chemicals and products used to create these dangerous and illegal drugs.  

Indicators of Methamphetamine Labs 

The Stockton Police Department's Special Investigations Unit helps educate and inform the public concerning illegal drug use or activities. Indicators that a methamphetamine lab is operating include the presence of large quantities of common household products. If mixed or used improperly, these products can become explosive and produce toxic fumes, such as: 

  • Drain Cleaner (sulfuric acid or caustic soda or Drain Openers such as Red Devil lye) 

  • Over the counter cold pills containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine 

  • Heet and Iso-Heet, gasoline additives (methanol/alcohol) 

  • Iodine (both crystal and liquid) 

  • Matches 

  • Salt (table or rock) 

  • Starting Fluid (organic ether) 

  • Trichloroethane (a gun cleaning solvent) 

  • Alcohol (isopropyl or rubbing) 

  • Battery Acid (sulfuric acid) 

  • Coleman fuel 

  • Hydrogen peroxide 

  • Lithium batteries 

  • Mineral spirits 

  • Sodium and Lithium metal 

  • Toluene 

If you suspect illegal drug operations in your neighborhood, contact the non-emergency number at the Stockton Police Department.

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