At the Stockton Police Department, we are committed to being open and accountable as we strive to provide a safe and secure community through procedurally-just police practices.

These General Orders (policies and procedures) guide the Department's daily operations.

Manual of Rules

Alpha Index

G O Code Index

Section & Title

A-01     General Orders A-01
A-02     Roll Calls
A-03     Daily Assignment Sheet
Training Policy
A-05     Field Training Officer
A-06     Staff Meetings
A-07     Transfers
A-08     Personnel Out of Town
A-09     Grants
A-10     Military Leave

A-11     Modified Duty Program
A-12     Employee Leave

A-13     Use of Training Facility
A-14     Overtime

A-15     Shift Trades
B-01     Radio Procedure
B-02     Telecommunications Center Manual
B-03     Calif Law Enforcement Mutual Aid Radio System
B-04     Mutual Aid
B-05     Incident Command System
B-06     Telecommunications Center Recording Use Policy
B-07     Lobby/Counter Reports
B-07a   On-Line Reporting
B-07b   Telephone Report Unit (TRU)

B-08      Premise History File 

C-01     Acting Watch Commander
C-02     Notification of the Chief of Police
C-03     Confidentiality of DMV Files
C-04     Employee Deaths or Serious Injuries
C-05     Information, Public and Press
C-06     Tracking of PublicRecords Request
D-01     Restraining Orders

D-01a   Gun Violence Restraining Order
D-02     Emergency Protective Orders
D-03     Domestic Violence
D-04     Elder Abuse
D-05     Sexual Assault Investigation
D-06     Child Abuse, Neglect Cases
D-07     Child Molestation
D-08     Child Abductions
D-09     California Sex and Arson Registry / 290 Registrants
D-10     Missing Persons
D-11     Mentally Ill
D-12     Homeless Subjects / Illegal Lodging
E-02     Emergency Access to Public and Private Buildings
E-03     Power Shortages
E-04     Access Control
E-05     Personnel Emergency Response Plan
F-01     Equipment Issuance
F-02     Police Equipment

F-02a   Military Equipment Usage
F-03     Reimbursement for Non-City Issued Clothing

F-03-1  Reimbursement for Non-City Issued Clothing
F-04     Employment Identification Cards
G-01     Property Room Operation
G-02     Booking of Evidence/Property
G-03     Booking of Money
G-05     Police Evidence Fund
G-06     Narcotics Disposal
G-07     Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Policy
H-01     Records Unit Restriction
H-02     Release of Criminal History Records
H-03     Release of Information Concerning Juveniles
I-01       Personnel Complaints
I-02       Discrimination and Harassment
I-03       Workplace Violence
I-04       Cellular Phones/Electronic Messaging Devices
I-04a     Internet Posting & Use of Social Media
I-05       Reporting Party Contact
I-06       Departmental Reports
I-07       Performance Evaluation
I-08       Outside Employment
I-09       Grooming Standards
I-09a     Uniform Specifications
I-10       Tobacco Products
I-11        Hate/Bias Crimes
J-05       Use of Closed Circuit Television Cameras
J-02       Body Worn Camera System

J-02a    Body-Worn Camera file requests, Retention, and California Public Records Act

J-04       Automated License Plate Readers
J-05       Stockton Police Observation Truck
K-01       Community Service Officer
K-02       Senior Community Service Officer
K-03       Departmental Chaplain

K-04       Peer Support Counseling Program
K-05       Gang Violence Suppression Unit
K-06       Employee Safety Committee's
K-07       Police Reserve Program
K-08       Equestrian Unit

K-09       Community Advisory Board
L-01       Translators
L-02        Labor Disputes
L-03        Expressive Activity/Solicitation
M-01       Fires
M-02       Arson
M-03       Downed Airplanes
M-04       Escorting Sick or Injured Persons
M-05       Emergency/Medical Request
M-06       Medical Alert Systems

M-07       Administration of Opioid Antagonist

N-01       Robbery Alarm Calls    

N-02       Burglary Alarms

N-03       Bank Alarm Tracking System 

O-01       Citation Book (Criminal Violations)
O-02       Parking Citations
O-03       Citation Book (Traffic Violations)
O-04       Parking Citation Voids
P-01       Arrest Procedure
P-02       Prisoner Procedures
P-02a     Shoplifting Arrests
P-02b     Shoplifting Arrests On-Line Reporting
P-03       Adult Booking Procedures
P-05       Juvenile Arrests & Detentions
P-06       Booking Procedures for Juveniles at the Juvenile Justice Center
P-07       Citizen's Arrests
P-08       647(f) PC Arrests
P-09       Police Department's Holding Facility
P-10       Photos and Fingerprints
P-11       Parole and Probation Violators
P-12       Misdemeanor Citations
P-13       Dealing With Military Personnel
P-14       Handling of Undocumented Immigrants
P-15       Diplomatic and Consular Officials
P-16       Arrest Warrants
P-17       Warrants, Out-Of-State (Fugitive)
P-18       Service of Arrest Warrants
P-19       Traffic Infraction Warrants
P-20       Marijuana Cases
P-21       Disposition of Arrest and Court Action
P-22       Suspect Identification
P-23       Drug Recognition Officer
P-24       Parole and Probation Searches
P-25       Loud Music and Party Calls
P-26       Pawn Shops and Secondhand Dealers
Q-01       Use of Force
Q-01a     Handguns
Q-01b     Colt M-16A Rifle
Q-01c      Use of Taser
Q-01d      Oleoresin Capsicum Spray (OC-Pepper Spray)
Q-01e     Police Canine Unit
Q-01f       Firearms Qualifications
Q-01g      Flashbangs
Q-01h      Chemical Agent or Riot Control Equipment
Q-01i       Leg Restraints
Q-01j       Shotgun Use
Q-01k      Mechanical/Impact Devices
Q-01m     Impact Projectile Weapon Systems
Q-01n      Use of Firearms      
Q-01p      Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act
Q-01r      Transporting Prisoners By Aircraft
Q-02       Search Warrants
Q-03       Swat Teams
Q-04       Mobile Field Force Team
Q-05       Crisis Negotiations Team
Q-06       Officer-Involved Shooting/Shooting Review Board
Q-07       Handling Firearms

Q-08       Active Shooter Incidents
Q-09       Armory Use
Q-10       Critical Incident Investigation Team
R-01       Industrial Injuries
R-02       Investigation of Deaths
R-03       Death or Disappearance of Person While Boating
R-04       Reimbursement for Victims of Crimes
R-05       Skeletal Remains/Bones
S-01       On the Job Injuries
S-02       Injuries on City Property
S-03       Safety & Occupational Health Program
T-01       Collision Investigation
T-02       Collisions Involving City Vehicles
T-03       Employee-Involved Vehicle Collision Review Committee
T-04       School Bus Collisions
T-05       Traffic Hazard (Signs, Signals, Trees, Bushes, Etc.)
T-06       Sobrieties
T-07       Drunk Driving Arrests Involving Accidents
T-08       Stranded Motorists
T-09       Towing of Vehicles
T-10       Verification of Vehicle
T-11       Abandoned Autos
T-12       Parking Meters
U-01      Stolen Vehicles
U-02      Stolen Boats
V-01      Vehicle Pursuit
V-02      Operation of Emergency Vehicle
V-03      Use of Private Vehicles for Police Work
V-04      Driving, Maintaining Police Vehicles
V-05      Patrol Wagon
V-06      Unmanned Aircraft System

V-07      Air Support Unit Operations

W-01     Civilian Riders

W-02     Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

W-03     Retiree Identification and Concealed Weapon Renewal

X-01      Explosive Storage Facility

X-02      Bombs, Explosive Material Handling

X-02a    Explosive Breaching

X-03      Hazardous Materials Incident

X-04      Radioactive Material

X-05      Evacuation of San Joaquin County Courthouse and Annex

X-06      Evacuation of City Hall

X-07      Evacuation of the Facility Basement

Y-01     Animal Calls
Z-01      Awards and Commendations