Updated Hours and Services Information for the Stockton Police Department in response to COVID-19 regulations

Records Related Services:

- Crime Reports: Call (209) 937-8495 or Submit a request using Ask Stockton.

- Accident Reports: City of Stockton Police Website – Online Services

- NOTE: All crime / accident report fees waived during the closure, except for online accident reports.

  Those are offered thru Lexis Nexis and the company charges a $10.00 fee.

- Subpoena Service: Call (209) 937-8276, by appointment only

- Repossession Fee: Call (209) 937-8495, by appointment only

- Clearance Letter: Submit a request using Ask Stockton.

- Safekeeping / Release of Gun Fee: Call (209) 937-8176, by appointment only

- CCW Fees: Closed until further notice


Traffic Related Services:

The Traffic Section is currently closed for citation sign-off, VIN verifications, repossession releases, any citation payments or processing, or any vehicle abatement issues.

- We will continue to process impound releases. Please call (209) 937-8355 for information.

Property Related Services:

The Property Section is currently closed to the public. 

- Please call (209) 937-8443 for more information. 


Neighborhood Services Section:

Office Hours:

- Monday-Thursday: 8:00 am – 5:30pm- Open Fridays: 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

- Front Desk is closed the Public


To report a violation:

Call: (209) 937-8813
Email: NSS@stocktonca.gov

Or: Submit a request using Ask Stockton.

Note: Interior inspections are not being conducted at this time. We will evaluate each complaint on a case by case basis to determine if an immediate response is necessary. 
Health and safety violations are still being addressed.

Rental Property Program

- Rental Inspections have been suspended until further notice.
- Self-certification packets and declaration forms are still being received by mail and are being processed. If you have any rental questions, please call (209) 937-8813 or email:    RentalProgram@stocktonca.gov

- Rental Documents can still be mailed into the office for processing.

Payoff Demands

- We are still processing requests for property demands.
  Please email your request to PayoffDemand@stocktonca.gov or fax it to (209) 937-7264.

Note: There is a 10-day turnaround time on all requests.

- If you would like to check the status of your demand, you may call (209) 937-8813 or PayoffDemand@stocktonca.gov


- We are still receiving and processing payments for code enforcement related accounts.

   You can mail your payment to:
    22 E Weber Ave #350
    Stockton, Ca 95202

 - You may also pay online by visiting http://www.stocktonca.gov/…/adminServices/ubilPayOnline.html

- If you need assistance, please call 209-937-8813 and we will walk you through the process.

- All other inquiries, please call (209) 937-8813 or email NSS@Stocktonca.gov


Animal Services:

The Stockton Animal Shelter is still operating; however, we have had to make some modifications for the protection of the community and our staff. In order to adhere to social distancing requirements, we require anyone that would like to view or adopt a pet, or would like to look for a lost pet, should call the shelter in advance to schedule an appointment. 

 - During business hours, we can be reached at: (209)937-7445


Current Operating Hours: Tuesday-Sunday, noon-5 pm. 

 - Administrative staff and field services personnel are available: Monday-Friday, 8am -5pm. 

 - After-hours and emergencies: (209) 937-8377

- Or Submit a request or comment using Ask Stockton.



Police Department Operations Building